The need is gigantic

But judge for yourself. You can only appreciate how so much income is possible in this business when you analyze the universal need! The health challenge you and I (and our children) face is the most difficult ever in the history of the world! We have an ENORMOUS HEALTH PROBLEM!

And you are reminded of it constantly. The newspapers splash the headlines across the front page every day, and every night you hear about it on the evening newscast.

Just suppose you or someone you love had just been released from a hospital bed and had come within an inch of death with a heart attack...or, suppose the doctor had just diagnosed cancer and given you five years to live... if you had just been victimized by a health crisis, you would catch every detail in this Report!

1. The air we breathe is polluted. Tons of smog hang suspended over every major city.

2. The water is polluted. Our tap water even carries residue from old discharged prescription drugs. Chemical dumps leech into underground waterways. The EPA allows floating fecal matter in water AFTER it is processed through municipality water plants!

3. We depend on junk food diets to survive our fast-paced work schedule. McDonald's here. Burger King there. Taco Bell. KFC. Too seldom do we get good, balanced meals. Often it leads to obesity, and makes use of additives such as SlimQuick Pure.

4. Even when you sit down to a wholesome meal, the food you eat has less vitamins and minerals because farmland soil has lost its nutrients.

How long can our bodies endure this torture?

How long can a car run without oil and some TLC?

For a moment...forget what you see when you look at your body in a full-length mirror.

What's your condition INSIDE? From your blood-work report or doctor's exhaustive physical?

Is something sinister going on UNSEEN INSIDE which will shorten your own life, or lessen your quality of life? For example, do you experience...

I became a Board Certified Pedorthist...(and) for 35 years I have helped relieve the pain of my patients by recommending correct footwear....(But even though I have been very successful in this profession), I expect my business income as a health professional to be surpassed shortly with my (income from this company).

  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • prostate swelling
  • too much body fat
  • nicotine addiction
  • arthritis
  • kidney problems
  • unexplained pain
  • chronic headaches and illness

Ever seen a car with clean lines and a wet-look shine, but a clunker under the hood? Which is more important - how it looks or how it runs?


1. One out of two Americans who drop dead each year in non-accidental deaths die from a heart attack. Death is the first sign of heart disease for 25% who suffer heart attacks!

2. Stroke killed 160,431 last year, and paralyzed hundreds of thousands more.

3. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are rampant, leading to heart attacks and stroke. Half of all Americans have cholesterol over 200!

4. Cancer is the No.2 killer in the U.S.; two million will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Breast cancer alone will strike 180,000 women this year, and 41,000 will die.

5. Diabetes cripples thousands yearly, and most don't even know they have it until it's too late. Someone close to you probably has it right now, and doesn't know it!

6. Children are increasingly diagnosed as over-weight and having A.D.D.

7. Alzheimer's is increasing at such an alarming rate that it is projected to be an epidemic by 2025 - a plague that will affect one out of two of us.

8. Our society is afflicted with allergies, arthritis, excessive weight, PMS, prostrate problems and chronic pain and illness.

And the size of the problem is magnified by the guy who thinks it ONLY happens to somebody else!!!

So, what do we usually do to solve these health problems? We pop pills.

The huge pharmaceutical industry (teamed up with our doctor) has trained us. We go to our doctor, and he gives us a drug prescription! Or, we ask our pharmacist for advice, and he shoves an over-the-counter drug into our sweaty little palm!