The World Leader in Pure, Therapeutic Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils is a multinational, relationship marketing company specializing in the production and distribution of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil-enhanced products. We are the largest supplier of essential oils in the world. People fall in love with the magical scents that fill their home, office, and body taking them to a place of peaceful bliss - allowing Nature to infuse them with its beautiful medicine. Everyone who joins Young Living has the benefit of getting the purest, most remarkable products on the market at affordable prices.

"Love these oils and can't praise them enough!" Jewell W. 81 years old

"I would guess around 20 oils are included in her daily routine with several suppliments from Young Living. We are both over 60 and feel like 30!" Tim R.

"My husband and I feel that essential oils really have given us 'the missing link'. They have cleaned our body in a very soft way and made our lives so much more happy!" Monica A.

Everyday People, Everyday Oils. Nature's Living Energy

Where nature and frequency come together with perfection. "Considered the 'life force' of plants, essential oils are very complex. A single oil may contain hundreds of constituents that are molecularly aligned in exactly the right manner to trigger a number of responses in the human body. Very concentrated and very powerful, a drop or two of distilled therapeutic-grade essential oil produces quick and significant results. Essential oils protect the plant from insects and other herbivores, from bacteria, molds, fungi, and other microorganisms, and also helps to heal inflicted wounds. These unique characteristics make essential oils highly beneficial to humankind." (Scents and Sensibility, YLEO)

Our oils are so pure that many are ingestible and most can be applied undiluted!

With the Wellness Industry exploding, there are so many products on the market to choose from. Many companies are claiming to be natural or pure and yet are full of harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, and fillers/sweetners like sugar and artifical flavors.

How do you know what is best for you?

This is the Young Living difference. Young Living refuses to sacrifice product purity for cost. It's that simple. Every product in Young Living is absolutely free of these chemicals and fillers. In fact, Young Living labels EVERY ingredient even if they do not need to by law. They are not out to trick you. Instead, they would like to make you healthier.

Hmmm... interesting concept, huh?

There is no hype in Young Living. There is no gimmick. Just pure, natural, organic products for yourself, your family, your animals.

And if that is not enough, here's more to think about:

  • Young Living has 3 distinct product categories -
  • Essential Oils, Essential Nutrition, and Essential Living.

The Essential Oils line has over 130 organic, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and blends. Some of these oils are exclusive to Young Living and all oils are distilled in a low heat, low pressure distiller to insure plant integrity is kept to a maximum. Our oils are so pure that many are ingestible and most can be applied undiluted.

The Essential Nutrition line is a high-end supplement line containing vitamins, minerals, weight management products and products to support every major system of the body. What makes our line unique is the addition of our essential oils to every product. To understand the importance of this, we will highlight one of our products for you.

MultiGreens is a high protein chlorophyll-rich supplement that was tested before and after the addition of essential oils. Before the oils were added, there was a 42% absorption in 24 hours. This is typical of many high-end supplements. However, after adding our essential oils, absorption substantially increased to 86% in 1 hour!!!

Yes, you read correctly. Essential oil enhanced supplements not only increase the absorption of the nutrients but saves you money by requiring less product for the same effect.

Our Essential Nutrition line also features a very special nutrient infusion drink called NingXia Red. According to independent laboratory testing, NingXia Red has the highest antioxidant capacity than any other drink on the market. In addition, it contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients without the damaging effects of high sugar additions like apple juice, pear juice, or white grape juice.

NingXia Red is naturally sweetened by our low-glycemic, organic Blue Agave. You can increase your energy without the sugar rush!

Safe enough for diabetics!

The Essential Living line is comprised of home and body products. Hair care, skin care, toothpastes and mouthwash, household cleaners, etc. All WITHOUT the harmful chemicals typically found in these products - even from companies who call themselves "natural".

So go check your labels and see the Young Living difference for yourself.

When it comes to your health and the health of your family, Young Living is the clear choice!

Oh, and we smell nicer too. :-)