There is a huge difference...

Between fragrance oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils earning Young Living an impressive reputation among scientists and medical professionals who continue to validate their effectiveness.

Gary Young has spent many years perfecting the distillation process to bring only the highest quality, most concentrated, and most therapeutic oils to the market. What a gift to mankind!


All Young Living plants are organically grown or harvested from wild plants with the correct species identified for the most naturally-occuring, therapeutic constituents.

Low Pressure, Low Temperature Distillation

Long, slow process using only pure mountain water to keep the oils free of additives. Oils are distilled using stainless steel and low temperature to prevent chemical interactions, preserving the natural qualities of the oils.


Each oil has a distinct unadulterated quality and aroma. Young Living Essential Oils produces only therapeutic-grade essential oils. You will not be disappointed!

Check out both the single oils and blends! Kits have also been made to give consumers the convenience or trying out a few oils at a fraction of the cost of buying them individually.

And don't forget about Young Living's supplements and other products which all have essential oils incorporated to promote better assimilation.