Hi everyone,

Welcome to the message boards! Use this as a tool to ask questions, share information, or just connect with other like-minded people.

Wishing you all health and vitality, Jihan :-)

Hi Jihan,

Just visited your website from 'home' in the Netherlands, and love it! The message board is an excellent and probably will become my favorite feature on your site.

For those who visit the message board and wonder who I am: My name is Nell Tomassen Reboh. Like Jihan, I also practice and live life from a healing arts perspective. I am a neurofeedback trainer and energy worker. You can visit my website, which I one day hope to build up to something like yours Jihan ;-)www.amazume.com

My sister has carried her baby full term and is now immersed in her process of opening and letting go. I am so thrilled to be here to witness this beautiful time with her, and to support her in her process. This also means giving her space, so she can really 'move inward', which is the best place to be to prepare for labor. So I am now staying with my mom and who knows where else, as I love to live in the moment. I am enjoying my life revisiting my roots.

With my cousin and some close friends I have prepared a blessing way, much like the one we had with Nikki. The most profound benefit of a blessing way is to put the mom to be in touch with all five elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether. This is a sure way to put anyone in her/his power. For those interested in blessing way rituals for pregnant women and their babies in preparation for their journey into birth and birthing, please post a message!

Jihan, congratulations. I commend your insight and trust you will bring your vision to fruition.

Namaste, Nell

How exciting Nell! When is your sister due? (that went fast!) I'm glad you were able to make it 'home' to be with her and your family.

And thank you for the support. I'm pretty happy that after this many years, I finally got a website up!

Jihan :-)


This site is pretty snazzzzzzyyyyyy! I feel so priveledged to have met you and absorb your wisdom. For now I just wanted to say hello and congratulate you on this great site.

By the way, for those of you who don't know me, I am Danielle and I live in NY on Long Island with Jihan and I am also studying to be a Massage Therapist. I already see that healing and bodywork will open up many doors for me. I am on a healing path myself, and need all the support I can get.

I know I can do it! Good luck to all, and I hope to speak to some interesting people soon.

"Optimum Health Forever"!


JIHAAAAANNN.......... the Little Conduit of Positive Energy...nice work on the site! As we say in my home country, keep it real.


Hi Jihan, Just wanted you to know I think your website is Sweet!

Very impressed, your talents cease to amaze me.

I just wanted you and your friends to know how we met and why I think you are special.

I was planting an herb garden at a community organic farm that I belong to and started to talk to Jihan who was cleaning out the bed next to mine and planting basil with me and having a light conversation about stuff that 2 women have when they first meet but then we got on a subject of trees and vibrations and that is when I knew I wanted to know more of what this girl was thinking.

But the best part of meeting Jihan was when she said she had an oil in her bag that would help me with my pain in my shoulder and I was intriged and next thing I knew I was lying in the grass next to the garden we just planted and she massaged these oils into my arm and said she could help me heal my arm which we are presently working on and after only 2 visits to Jihans office I feel like a new ME!

So glad our paths have crossed, you are one smart individual that I am so happy to know.

Thank you for being a natural healer, I know I am on a path to good health because of you!

;-), Your new friend, Leah

Jihan what can I say! You have helped me so much to help myself. The changes I have choosen to make in my life, I only can thank YOU for. For many years I have just been a support for so many people that I got forgot about myself. You woke me up. I have quit smoking for 10 months (after 40 years), lost 35lbs over 4 years, have become a regular at the health club and it upsets me if I miss a day, in addition have quit medications such as celebrex and pain relievers for 1 year. Your way of convincing me was so sutle, but reflective. I am so proud of me and especially proud of you and your influence you have had on me and continue too. Keep spreading your wonderful karma to others that have the pleasure and foresight to follow your guidance


Hi Jihan, How are you? This is Kathy Anne Resasco-Wagner I love your website! It was great seeing you at the oil essentials seminar in Tarrytown! I've learned so much there! Fred enjoyed it equally! We can't wait to attend your seminar on Raindrop technique! It is so much better to learn hands on ,rather than through a video! Thanks! Kathy Anne Resasco-Wagner

Do you accept credit cards,or checks at your place? I just wanted to know!I ,personally am not equipted with the credit card terminals yet.I will be attending your Rain Drop class with my husband Fred! We both can't wait! Thanks for informing us for this wonderful learning experience! Kathy Anne Resasco-Wagner 631-737-2070

Hello Jihan, I want to let you know how impressed i am with your website! It's so pretty and elegant and easy to navigate, but most of all it has your taste of charm which I am sure is what draws so many into your circle of health ,happiness and living. Best of success in everything that you do.

Nicole Narducci

I have a couple questions for convention which I would love to be attending. Two weeks ago, I brought my husband home after three months in the hospital. He is now on a ventilator at night, humidified oxygen during the day, feeding tube, confined to bed. Most of the time in the hospital he had diarrhea which we have now corrected using Royaldophilus and real blended bananas. He also developed bedsores and those are almost gone thanks to Helichrysum. I would like to know if anyone has nebulized essential oils directly through a tracheostomy tube. I tired it once with myrrh, eucalyptus, and spruce and it really seemed to help. I was using these oils on his back in the hospital and think they are the only reason he made it home. Also, I am starting to feed him oils through his feeding tube. So far just Di-Gize. If anyone else has done this, I'd like to know their experience. I really feel like I'm experimenting, but I think our oils are the only chance he has for recovery. Then there is the issue of recovering from his severe brain injury that necessitated the surgery that left him in this condition. Thanks for setting up this post and have a great time at convention.


Hi Beverly,

I am going to connect you with someone when I get home. Her husband has a trach and a vent and a feeding tube. He is on all Young Living products, through the tube, and we changed his diet. Long story short, he has Lou Gehrig's disease and is getting better. She will be more than happy to let you know how she is feeding him through the tube and what we are using on him to help his breathing.

Jihan :-)

Thank you everyone for posting! We are going to be working more on this website in the next few months and hope that people really start to use it to connect to a like-minded community.


Thanks, Jihan. I will look forward to talking with her.